Heat & Cold Therapy Pad German Karl Wahl in Oppelsbohm

Heat & Cold Therapy Pad German Karl Wahl in Oppelsbohm

$ 85.00

This Thermo Pillow is made from a German Vintage grain sack, which has charming patches.  Fabric made of inside-out main Oppelsbohm fabric and therefor a shade darker. Piping made of distressed faux leather. Back made of modern linen. 

  • Fabric : Vintage Linen
  • Fillings : 100% Organic Rice and Grains. Added essential oils:
    Bergamotte - It reduces the feeling of pain and is very helpful
    in case of headaches, sprains, and muscle aches.
    Ylang Ylang - An Aphrodisiac. Believed to relieve high blood pressure.
  • Care Instructions : Wash the removable cover cold.  Dry cleaning recommended.
  • Delivery : 3-5 Days
  • Return Policy : All sales are final, no return accepted.

Since each Rags2Riches pillow has a history of sometimes more than 100 years, there may be an unremovable discoloration or stain on the fabric.  Please zoom into images before deciding to buy.

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